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How to setup the Employment Equity Module

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You would like to use the Equity Module on the system in order to generate the Equity reports for submission purposes and require assistance to setup the Equity Module on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


The system makes provision for Employment Equity. This will allow you to do the necessary setup on the system and then be able to generate the applicable reports. In this article we will be working through a checklist and run through each step to ensure the system is setup correctly.





NOTE: To use the Employment Equity module on the system, you need to be licensed for it. If you are not sure if you are licensed for the module, from the Company Listing screen click on Options>Licensed Modules. Under Personnel Management, see if the Employment Equity block is ticked. If not, click here to visit our Support Centre, select your product, click on Looking for Support options, on the right hand side under Sales, click on Add Additional Modules, and complete the Web Form

If you have not used the Equity Module on the payroll system, or, you have recently purchased it, the article will guide you through the process to ensure it is setup correctly.

We will be working through a checklist and each step needs to be completed correctly. Missing a setup could result in incorrect report values or errors.

From the main screen of the company go to Equity. The following options are available:


Below is a Checklist to ensure that your Equity has been setup correctly. Click on each of the action items below for the relevant article on what is required:

Step Action
1 Ensure you are on the latest payroll version
2 License the system for the Equity Module
3 Enter the information on the RSA Employment Equity Screen.
4 Include the applicable Equity Screens in the Add Employee Control cycle.
5 Give access to the users who will be working with the Equity Information.
6 Import the Generic Equity Reports
7 Access the Company Equity Screen and link the Equity codes to the relevant payroll analysis fields where applicable.
8 Ensure that the Payroll Analysis codes that are linked for Equity purposes are translated to the correct Equity information.
9 Define Workplace definitions and descriptions, if required, and ensure that these codes are linked to the correct Equity codes.
10 Indicate which codes in the Personnel History Module must be used to automatically update Equity transactions
11 Indicate on the Equity Remuneration Control Screen what should be included in the Equity Remuneration calculation.
12 If you have defined any “Linked To” or “Automatically Update Using Personnel History” fields, apply the Global Activation function to populate these /Global Activation can also be used to update the Remuneration History for the previous months from the VIP Payroll WEK file.
13 Activate and update the Employee Equity Screens.
14 Update the Employee Equity History Screens.
15 Print the Equity Detail / Exception Report.
16 Enter a zero plan for printing purposes.
17 Print the Employment Equity Report for the Current Workforce Profile.
18 Enter the Company’s Employment Equity plans as Numerical Goal plans and Numerical Target plans.
19 Equity General Recalculation
20 Print the Equity Reports