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Debtors Manager: Overview

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Once you grant credit to your customers, it is essential to a business’s cash flow and ultimate profitability to collect all outstanding monies as soon as possible. The Debtors Manager module helps to optimise the collections process.


From a management point of view, Debtors Manager provides clear visibility of all aspects of the collections process. You can easily keep track of the reasons for overdue invoices, and monitor the activities of your collections department. Debtors Manager quantifies the outcome of all collection activities. Debtors Manager delivers results – it will boost your cash flow, reduce the number of days sales outstanding, and reduce the risk of write-offs.


Watch the tutorial video on Debtors Manager



View the articles below to guide you step-by-step with your Debtors Manager setup:

Create Notes/Reminders on a specific Outstanding Invoice

Track debt collection process for individual customer invoices


Distribute payment reminders to customers with unpaid invoices


Note: The Debtors Manager functionality will only be available once the user has purchased a Debtors Manager license.