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I am not on a compatible version to upgrade to Release 5.6a, what should I do?

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This article will provide you with guidance on the process to resolve the issue if you are not on a compatible version to upgrade to Release 5.6a on Sage Classic, Sage Premier, Sage 200c VIP


The following items are included in Release 5.5a:

  • RSA: Interim/Mid-year Reconciliation IRP5 changes (including new IRP5 codes)
  • Africa Tax Countries Tax Files: Angola, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe
  • Africa Tax Countries Reports: Lesotho, Mauritius and Zambia
  • New Flexi Leave Import and Export Utility (Sage Premier only)

Please refer to our latest Release Notes for more information and full details of what is included in this release.

NOTE:  Premier HR and Premier ESS Users: Your Payroll Application may not be updated without also updating your HR and ESS Applications. These applications have to be updated consecutively.


You are on either Release 54a, 54b or 54c/54c+ and you are unable to load Release 56a on your payroll system.


In order to upgrade to Release 5.6a, your payroll system must be on Release 5.5a. You will need to perform the following steps to update your payroll system to Release 55a.

You have now successfully installed and updated your payroll system to Release 5.5a. You can follow the same process and install Release 56a.

NOTE: If you are not on the correct version you will be required to download and install multiple software releases.