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Which reports can I print to reconcile my Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) values?

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This article provides details on all the reports available to reconcile your Employment Tax Incentive values for Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional.


Qualifying employers can claim the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) when declaring the monthly EMP201 to the South African Revenue Services (SARS). 

The payroll application will calculate ETI values based on the company and employee setup, and is based on specific qualifying criteria and payroll values validated on the individual employee records.

The payroll application offers multiple reports to extract and reconcile Employment Tax Incentive values.


The following reports are available in system to export information related to Employment Tax Incentive

Reports and Maintenance

NOTE: These report provide information of your ETI values for the current period.

ETI History Reports

Audit Reports

NOTE: The ETI COVID Report available under Audit Reports was a once-off report, displaying the backdated ETI recalculation values for April 2020 when Release 5.4c was installed during May 2020. The values displayed on the report is difference between the original April 2020 ETI values and the recalculated values. Please refer to the release notes for 5.4c for more details. 


TIP: We recommend that printing and reconciliation of the ETI information should form part of your month-end process, and can be added to your End of Period Checklist.