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Excel reports not opening or displaying information when printed through the payroll system

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This article explains why Excel reports are not opening/printing on Sage VIP Classic and Sage VIP Premier.


When you run Excel reports from the payroll system (e.g. Payroll History Listing and 12 Month History report), either Excel does not open or the information does not populate correctly.


Step 1

  • Check for any pending Windows and Office updates (ask your IT team to assist you if you are uncertain of what to do and where to check)
  • You will be required to restart the computer if updates are installed

Step 2

  • Ensure that .NET Framework 3.5 is activated on the workstation (You can have higher versions of .NET but 3.5 is crucial)
  • Access Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off, and ensure all boxes related to .NET 3.5 are ticked. If it was not, it will attempt to activate/install this feature


  • Ensure .NET Framework 4 is also activated (the version will depend on your version of the operating system)

Step 3

  • This step is only required if you access your payroll over a network making use of mapped drives
  • The reports will not work if your network drive is reflecting the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) location (e.g. (e.g. \\server), the location has to be mapped to a drive letter (e.g. V:\VIP)
  • To determine if a drive has been mapped, access the Company Listing screen and select the Sup Help button. At the top of the Support Help screen, you will find the path of your payroll folder e.g. V:\VIP>
  • For more information to map a network location to a drive letter, click here. Your IT team will assist with the mapping of drives.
  • Once the drive has been mapped, ensure the location is a Trusted Site. Click here for more information on this topic.

Step 4

  • Check that there are no spaces in the payroll system folder name
  • You will be able to view this by right-clicking on the desktop shortcut to access the system, and reviewing the Properties of the shortcut
  • The location under "Start in" must not have any spaces
  • You can validate the specific folder name on the system Support Help Screen

Step 5

  • Check if the file VIPCALL.EXE is in the payroll system folder
  • If the file is missing, copy one from a working payroll system folder, or request a copy from our support team hereUnder Contact, choose to Submit a case online
  • When you run any report, a black "DOS" icon should appear on the task bar indicating that payroll is accessing features to open the Excel template

Step 6

  • Check that the 'Advisor' folder is within the payroll system folder and that it contain all Excel templates (compare to another copy system if available)
  • Should you need a list of the current Advisor Excel templates or copies of the Excel Template files, please log a webform request here - Under Contact, choose to Submit a case online
  •  When running some of the reports, ensure that you access the correct system folder when prompted to select the payroll system folder
  • You can validate the specific folder name on the system Support Help Screen