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I am unable to tick Manual/e@syFile Issued to exclude an employee from the IRP5 submission file as it is greyed out

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This article is a guide on how to resolve when you are unable to tick Manual or e@syFile Issued to exclude employee from IRP5 submission as it is greyed out on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


In order to exclude an employee from the IRP5 export, you can flag the record on the Employee Information (IS) screen Statutory Tab (routing STA) but now you can’t as the tick box next to Manual / e@syFile Issued is greyed out.


Possible Solution:

When this field is greyed out, it indicates the user already did a Live Run.

This will be confirmed if there is a value in the Live Cert No field. Even when you reset the Live Run, this field will remain greyed out.

In order to access this field:

  • Invite a consultant for assistance. Request assistance via Web Form
  • Remove the certificate number next to the Live Cert. No field of the applicable certificate.
  • Exit the screen and return to the Statutory Details tab.
  • The tick box will be available flag for Manual / e@syFile Issued
  • This will exclude the record and another Test / Live Run can be done