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Bi-Annual: Submission Guide

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Follow the steps below to successfully clear your exception report from Sage Pastel Payroll, export your Bi-Annual Certificates and Import into e@syfile.


TIP: View our video here.

NOTE: You will only be able to generate your Bi-Annual file in the September to February periods in your Pastel Payroll Software.  You will have to finalise the August period and make a backup of this period, and roll into September or later in order to do your Bi-Annual Submissions.

 Before submitting, check the SARS website to check if submission season is open.

Step 1: Update

You MUST be on the latest version of Payroll

Installation guide can be found here

The download manager can be accessed in app, Utility, Weblinks, Download latest version

Step 2: Check August Processing

Click here for our Prep Guide

You needed to wrap up the August period in order to continue with your Bi-Annuals

Step 3: Be in a period of September or Later

Ensure that you are in a period between September and February .Check the Pay Frequency at the bottom of the screen

Step 4: Exception report

Print and clear your Exception report.  See guide here

Certain Exceptions need to be cleared in the August Period and you might need to restore your August backup

Step 5: Reinstate Maternity Leave

Click here for our guide

If you do not reinstate your employee before generating the file it will generate a final certificate for the employee

Step 6: Generate the Electronic file

Click here for our guide

If you have more than once company with the same PAYE number, that each company should have their own unique first certificate number

Step 7: Import into E@syfile

Click here to view our guide to import the Electronic file into E@syfile

 E@syfile not installed? Find the guide here.  Before submitting, check the SARS website to check if submission season is open.

Step 8: Terminate Maternity Leave

Click here for our guide

It is important to use their original termination date


  1. If you have more than one company with the same PAYE number it is imperative that you create the electronic certificates starting with unique certificate numbers.
  2. We do not offer telephonic or Email support on SARS E@syfile and will not be able to assist you with filling out your declaration after the import has been done
  3. Our Electronic file is based on the requirements set out by the BRS Spec. The BRS Spec is the only file available for Electronic IRP5 certificates.  In a case where your file does not import into the Efiling platform, but it imports into the E@syfile platform, you will be advised to do your Submission via the E@syfile platform.
  4. We do not assist with Submissions via the Efiling platform.