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Failed to create link 'Bad file name or number' when running Sage intelligence report

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In this article we give solution for error 'Failed to create link. Bad file name or number' when running Sage intelligence report on Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting.


When running Sage Intelligence reports you might get error 'Failed to create link. Bad file name or number' as shown below.



You need to open Pervasive Control Center and manually create the database link for the company that you are running the report for.

You can create the database using Pervasive Control Center as per steps below.

Creating Database using Pervasive Control Center           

  1. Open the Run command by pressing the Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key+R on your keyboard
  2. Type pcc as shown below and click OK
  3. In the Pervasive Control Center there are two panes, on the left-hand pane expand Engines you should see the server computer name. Expand the computer name to see Databases as shown below:

     NOTE: If using Pervasive Workgroup it will be the workstation name and on a Client/Server Installation it will be the Server name. 

    If on a Client/Server installation you need to Expand on the server’s computer name. If the server’s computer name is not showing, right click on Engines, select New  and select Server. Enter the server’s computer name and click OK.

  4. Right click on Databases, select New and then Database
    Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated
  5. On the New database screen enter the company name on the Database Name field. The database name should start with PAS19 and then the company folder name e.g. if your company folder is DEMO, you should enter the database name as PAS19DEMO
  6. On the Location field click on the eclipse button as shown below and navigate to the company folder. Select the company folder and click OK.
  7. Once you have selected the company folder make sure that the above is as per the screenshot and you have deselected the option Create Engine DNS.
  8. Click Finish and close the Pervasive Control Centre


If you still have the same issue, you need to uninstall and reinstall Pervasive on the machine with the issue. Refer to article How do I Uninstall and Reinstall Pervasive Version 10 and higher if needed.