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How do you make a Full System Backup on Sage VIP Classic and Premier?

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This article will show you how to make a Full system backup on Sage VIP Classic and Premier.


NOTE: All users must be out of the system before you proceed with the backup

How to access the backup options:

  • From Main Menu, click on Utilities
  • Backup
  • Full System Backup 

TIP: the option Data Files and Programs (including subfolders) will include the same files as a Full System backup

Backup of Data selection screen:

  • The 'From Directory' field will be the Sage  VIP Directory where the application is installed, e.g C:\SageVIP\Payroll

CAUTION: if the From Directory indicates the system is installed in a server location and displays a UNC path (e.g. //server/payroll), the backup will fail.

  • The following is important to take note of:
    • The 'To Directory' should be a location you have access to save files and must have sufficient disk space available to save the backup file.
    • The backup folder must not be within the system directory you will be creating the backup for (the system will then try to backup the backup file)
    • There should be no spaces in the 'To Directory' name.
    • The 'Backup File Name' should be descriptive of what is included in the backup. 

TIP: We recommend keeping the recommended default filename as created by the application

  • Click on Continue 
  • The system will require you to confirm that the location and file name is correct. Click Yes to continue or No to correct/change the details
  • The Command Prompt screen will open and will indicate the progress of the backup process
  • the message Backup Successful will display when the backup is complete

NOTE: if you receive the message Backup Failed, click here to view the article to troubleshoot possible causes of the error message.