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Create a copy system for August 2021 to claim additional ETI Relief

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This article will assist with the resolution advised to apply the ETI changes for Release 5.7a for Sage200c Premier and Classic


The weekly or bi-weekly payroll company need to roll over into the 1st week/bi -week of September,  as employees need to be paid.

The update is not available as yet.

The company does claim ETI.


  • Create a backup for August2021 period on release 5.6a
  • Create a copy system for August2021 period
  • Roll the live system over to September2021 on 5.6a
  • Print the Detail EMP201 on the copy system before the update
  • Update the copy system of August2021 to release 5.7a
  • Backup August2021 that is on 5.7a
  • Do a general recalculation
  • Reprint the Detail EMP201 report and determine the changes/ differences
  • Roll over the August2021 copy system (on release 5.7a) over to September period - This will allow the correct Period and Set count to increment from August 2021
  • Export the ETI values, from the copy system -That is now on 5.7a in September.
    • Export the periods and sets with the ETI Take-on function (Interfaces > Import Data > Utility Imports > ETI Take-On) 
  • Import the ETI values for March2021 to September2021 into the live system September2021( on release 5.7a)


NOTE: Should you need further assistance with the steps above, consult with your  Business partner.