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Update Frequently Asked Questions

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Update FAQ on Sage 300 People


1. SQL command issue where the error below will be experienced immediately even before writing to the database when attempting to upgrade the databases for Sage 300 People:



 IT has to ensure the SQL command line utilities is installed together with the ODBC driver. Once installed they must restart the Server/PC and access Sage 300 People to upgrade the databases.

2. Is it necessary to restart the server before installing updates if you have crucial Windows updates ?


  IT has to restart the server to install Pending Windows updates or the update will fail.

3. Which file are you required to install, for instance SagePeoplesetup.exe or the PeopleAppsetup.exe?


    • Peoplesetup.exe is use to update ClickOnce, scheduler and Webself service
    • PeopleAppsetup.exe is used to update standalone PC’S and users that RDP into the server such as a terminal server

TIP: Make a backup before installing any updates, Click here to access an article on how to make a backup.


NOTE: If the setup wizard does not have an Update Button to continue with the update, you must not proceed as you will be loading Sage 300 application as a new system, this might cause the Sage 300 People services not to start.