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How do I access Live Chat?

Created on  | Last modified on  Highlight Matches


This article provides details to access Live Chat for Sage VIP Classic and Sage VIP Premier.


Live Chat allows you to interact with Sage if you have a short, simple inquiries that needs a quick answer.


  • You can access Live Chat via the following steps:
    • From the Company Listing screen of your payroll application, click on the Customer Zone button on the  Image
    • From your internet browser, go to

  • Log into the Sage Portal with your Site Code, registered email address, and password. 

NOTE: If you do not have a password yet or forgot your password, click here for the steps to reset your password. 

  • When you access the Portal, click on the Chat icon Image
  • Select the specific team you want to talk to and click Continue:
    • Finance
    • Infoslips
    • Sage VIP Classic/Premier Payroll Support


  • You will be prompted to enter your Name, Subject of your query, Account number (Site Code), and email address
  • Click on Start Chat to connect to a support consultant

NOTE: The Live Chat feature is ideal for simple, short questions and queries. If your query is more complex, requires an investigation, or amendments, or is too difficult to explain over Instant Chat, you can use one of the other support channels by clicking here.