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Exception: Negative Tax Total 3697

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How to fix this exception in Sage Pastel Payroll?


This exception states that there are transactions linked to the calculation total “Retirement Funding Income” with negative amounts where the cumulative negative total for these transactions exceeds the cumulative positive total of the transactions with positive amounts linked to this calculation total.


  1. Click on View,
  2. Select Payroll Reports,
  3. Select Monthly Analysis
  4. Filter the report to show only the employee in question.
    1. Ensure to run the report from the beginning of the tax year to the current period.
    2. Clear out the field in the from transaction section so it remains blank.
    3. Enter ZZZZ in the to transaction section.
    4. Click on Show details.
    5. Click ok to print the report.
    6. In the Income section you will see a code that has been processed as a negative (in most cases it will be the code 5020, 5018 or 5014).
    7. Also make a note of what transaction you are making use of to process the employee’s salary (code 5000, 5002, 5001etc). Once you have taken down the salary transaction and the negative income transaction you can close the Monthly analysis.
  5. Click on Setup,
  6. Select Transaction.
  7. Click on the Magnifying glass and select the code that is used as the Basic Salary (eg. Code 5000, 5002, 5001).
  8. Click on the Calculation Total Button at the bottom right hand side.
  9. Scroll down and you will note that this code has been selected as Non Retirement Funding Income.
  10. Click Ok on the Calculation Total screen.
  11. Click on the Magnifying glass again and this time search for the negative income code (Code 5020, 5018, 5014). Select this transaction.
  12. Click on the Calculation Total Button on the bottom right hand side.
  13. Scroll down and you will see that this code is specified for Retirement Funding Income.
    1. Unselect Retirement Funding Income
    2. Select Non Retirement Funding Income (If you can’t unselect or select these fields you have processed employees that first needs to be clear run flagged).
  14. Click Ok on the Calculation Total screen and close Setup Transactions

NOTE: A progress indicator will run through. If this does not clear the exception, your employee probably has a RFI profile. If this is the case you will have to add the negative income code to your RFI profile with the same percentage as your Basic Salary.

TIP: The negative income transaction (code 5020, 5018 or 5014 etc.) must always match the RFI or Non-RFI of the basic salary used.  If both are the same, please check if the employee has an RFI Profile, and make sure to add this code to the profile.