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Exception: Tax Total 4472 has a value but 3817 & 4001 do not have values

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This exception states that the total value that has been paid by the company toward your pension fund, but the fringe benefit was never processed


If you are doing your Bi-Annuals or Year End submission when you get this error/exception you will need to Restore back to the last period for that reporting phase. The last period will be August (Bi-Annuals) or February (Year End) to do this correction. If you restore you will need to then recapture all of the months between the month you are restoring to and the one you are currently in. If you do not wish to recapture, then you can have a chargeable datafix done.

  1. Click on Process, Payslips.
  2. Navigate to the employee in questions payslip. Make sure there is either an employee deduction or Company contribution in regards to the Pension fund on the payslip (This is dependent on the Employee’s structure and agreement with the fund). The codes that could be used: 9000 9002 9003 9001.
  3. The Code 6410 should also be processed.
    If the code 6410 does not populate with a value, please check the Setup of the funds tab on this employees Edit, Employee Masterfile screen.

    NOTE: It is important to note that 6410 won’t automatically back calculate. If you are only adding in this code in the August/February period, but you have been using it from the March period, you will have to override the amount on the benefits tab and calculate what the value should be in order to take in all of the months from March up to the current period.

If you wish to not restore a backup and rather have a Consultant do a datafix for you, you can make a booking using the online platform here.

For more information regarding your Pension Fund setup please check our Knowledgebase