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Year End: Submission

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Sage Pastel Payroll: This guide will assist you to generate your electronic certificates once the submission period has finally opened.


NOTE: View our video here.

Step 1: Open your Copy Company

Click on File, Open. Select your Year End Company from the list and press ok. Upon opening the company the system will advise you that you are opening a copy company. View our guide here.

Step 2: Print Reports

Click here to view our guide that will assist you with printing and clearing your Exception report

Click here to view our guide to print the EMP501

Step 3: Generate your Electronic Certificates

Click here to view our guide that will assist you with generating the Electronic certificates
Make sure to ALWAYS run the exception report right before generating the electronic certificates and see note 2

Step 4: Import into E@syfile

Click here to view our guide to import the Electronic file into the E@syfile system

E@syfile not installed? Find the guide here.


  • If you do not have a copy company, then you will have to Restore your live company to its Year End or February period (Make a backup of your live company first) and redo the Year End process.
  • If you have more than one company with the same PAYE number it is imperative that you create the electronic certificates starting with unique certificate numbers.
  • We do not offer telephonic or Email support on SARS E@syfile and will not be able to assist you with filling out your declaration after the import has been done
  • Our Electronic file is based on the requirements set out by the BRS Spec. The BRS Spec is the only file available for Electronic IRP5 certificates. In a case where your file does not import into the Efiling platform, but it imports into the E@syfile platform, you will be advised to do your Submission via the E@syfile platform.

TIP: Remember you can stay on track by watching our video here: