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Employment Equity: Update and Activate the Employee Equity Screens

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You require assistance to update the employee Equity Screens on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


This article forms part of the article where we discuss on how to implement the Equity Module. There is a checklist to guide you through the process and this is Step 13 on the checklist.


Every employee on the Payroll System has an Employee Equity Screen (EQ) containing all the Equity information for the current processing period. Some of the information on this screen will automatically be updated according to the Payroll information loaded for each employee.

To access the Employment Equity Screen, from the Main Menu:
Click on Equity
Click on Employee Equity Screen
Select the applicable employee

If the employee Equity information has not yet been created, an onscreen message will require you to select 'Yes' to create it now, or 'No' to exit the screen and complete the process later.


As the Company Equity Screen has already been setup and defined, some fields will automatically update. All other fields with a blue background will require manual updating by yourself.

NOTE: If you have a lot of employees this could be a very time consuming task to complete manually. The system does make provision to import the Equity information for employees. Click here to access the article explaining the process on 'How to Import the Equity History'.


Field Description
Gender Select the employee’s gender, i.e. M – Male or F – Female. This field is a mandatory field when an employee code is created and is also used for Equity and Skills purposes.
Disabled Indicate whether or not the employee has a disability. If yes, indicate the nature of disability.
Citizenship Indicate if the employee has national Citizenship or if the employee is a Foreign National.
Type of Employment The options are:
  • Permanent - Employees who engaged to work for more than 3 months.
  • Temporary - Employees who are employed for less than three months.
Group Code Enter the applicable race of the employee by selecting the correct code:
  • A - African,
  • C - Coloured,
  • I – Indian, and
  • W - White
It is necessary to complete the field for  Employment Equity and Skills Development purposes.
Workplace You may identify different workplaces within the organization. You may decide how employees are grouped within these workplaces and may report on these individual business sections as if they are different ‘companies’. Workplaces codes are user defined.
Province As with Workplaces, the user may decide to report on each province individually. The options are:
  • Gauteng
  • Limpopo
  • Mpumalanga
  • North West
  • Western Cape
  • Eastern Cape
  • KwaZulu Natal
  • Northern Cape
  • Free State
Occupational Category Occupational Category is not a requirement for Equity reporting purposes. You may use this field should you want to record this information. The options are:
  • Legislators, Senior Officials and Managers
  • Professionals
  • Technicians and Associate Professionals
  • Clerks
  • Service and Sales Workers
  • Craft and Related Trades
  • Plant and Machine Operators and Assemblers
  • Elementary Occupations
Occupational Level Occupational Levels identify the levels within the organisations. The options are:
  • Top Management
  • Senior Management
  • Professionally qualified and experienced specialists and mid-management
  • Skilled technical and academically qualified workers, junior management, supervisors, foremen and superintendents
  • Semi-skilled and discretionary decision making
  • Unskilled and defined decision making
Equity Job Function The options are:
  • Core

Core Operation Function positions are those that directly relate to the core business of an organisation and may lead to revenue generations, e.g. sales, production, etc.

  • Support

Support Function position provide infrastructure and other enabling conditions for revenue generations, e.g. human resources, corporate services etc.

(Not mandatory)

Disciplinary Actions

If Disciplinary Actions are linked on the Company Equity Screen, the number of disciplinary actions as loaded and translated on the Personnel History module will display here.
If Disciplinary Actions are not linked on the Company Equity Screen, the field will default to zero. You must manually update this field every time the employee has a new disciplinary action in the current period.

NOTE: Disciplinary Action is no longer a mandatory

Equity Training

If the Equity Training field is linked on the Company Equity Screen, the information will automatically be updated every time and Equity training transaction is loaded on the Training Screen.
If the Equity Training is not linked on the Company Equity Screen, this field must be ticked when an employee attends Equity courses attended, but rather the fact that Equity training was attended in the current period.

NOTE: From 2009 reporting year, Equity Training is no longer required for Equity Reporting purposes.

Skills Training If the Skills Training field is linked on the Company Equity Screen, the tick-box will automatically be ticked if the employee attends any skills training in the current period. If the Skills Training field is not linked on the Company Equity Screen, you must tick the tick-box if the employee attends any skills training in the current period. With Equity training, this field will not display the number of skills courses the employee attend, but rather the fact that training was attended in the current period.
Equity Remuneration Equity Remuneration is any payment in money or in kind, given in return for work dome. Equity Remuneration for an employee will automatically calculate according to the selections defined on the Equity Remuneration Control screen.


NOTE: In order to be included in the Equity Reports, all employees’ Equity Screens will have to be activated when installing Equity. To exclude employees from Equity Reporting, click here