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I am unable to tick Manual/[email protected] Issued to exclude an employee from the IRP5 submission file as it is greyed out

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In order to exclude an employee from the IRP5 export file, users must access the Employee Information (IS) screen under the Statutory Details tab, where the Manual/[email protected] Issued field must be ticked., on Sage VIP Classic and Sage VIP Premier.


If the Manual / [email protected] Issued field is greyed out and does not allow the user to tick the box, then it indicates that the user has already completed a 'live' run, whereby an export file was already created.

This is confirmed if there is a value in the 'Live Cert No' field. Even if users now reset the 'Live' run, this field will remain greyed out.

In order to access this field:

  • Vesions prior to Release 5.7b: Obtain a VIPSD password from the Sage Support desk to access the company. You will require to complete a form and submit to Sage, prior to receiving access.
  • Access the Employee Information Screen (IS)
  • Select the Statutory Details tab
  • Remove the certificate number next to the Live Cert. No field of the applicable certificate. 
  • Exit the screen and return to the Statutory Details tab.
  • The tick box will be available flag for Manual / [email protected] Issued.
  • Once the field is ticked, the employee record will be excluded from the new Test / Live run.

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