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Tax Total 3696 + 3699 not equal to income sources

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This exception is due to the fact that not all of your income codes are equal to correct tax total in Sage Pastel Payroll.


This exception can be due to various reasons, like a transaction template being setup incorrectly or a discrepancy in the database tables.


 NOTE: In order to attempt any of the below resolutions, your employees will have to have a status of on Not Processed, so if your employees are processed you will have to do a clear run flags.

Check your Custom Templates:

The standard transactions in Pastel Payroll have been pre-set with their own relevant tax totals, so they shouldn’t be the cause of this exception.  You will have to double check that all your custom templates have been setup for the correct Tax Totals.

  1. Navigate to Setup, Transaction Templates.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass:
    1. Any code between 0030 and 5000 needs to be selected and checked (one by one)
    2. Any code after 9404 needs to be checked (unless you have council codes, then any code that appears after your relevant M,I,E,R or S codes)
  3. After you have selected your custom code, click on Tax Totals. Ensure that the correct tax totals were selected – please check with your Tax Practitioner what tax totals needs to be selected. 

 TIP: Usually tax totals for incomes will consist out of two codes. 3699 OR 3696 will be one of these codes.  Both of these cannot be selected.  In most cases you shouldn’t have more than two tax totals of the same type on a transaction – please confirm with your tax practitioner for more information.

Rebuilding database entries:

We would advise that you make a backup, complete a Pay Period Update into the next period and then run a reuild totals.

If neither of the above did not make any changes, please email [email protected] advising them on the steps that you have taken, along with your site code, so they can further assist you.