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Year End Preparation - How do I check for and update open batches?

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In this article, you will learn how to check for and update open batches in Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting. You will also learn what do do if you get the message 'Open batches found' when you have no open batches.


Prior to processing your Year End, you will need to update all open batches. This includes Sage Pastel POS Cash on Delivery (COD) and Sage Pastel POS On Hold documents.

If you have open batches the Year End Assistant will not run, and you will receive an Open batch found error message.

CAUTION: The following documents will NOT generate the 'Open batches found' error message. Quotations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Documents placed on hold. (Not applicable to POS)






  1. Select View > Open batches
  2. This screen will display the document/ batch that needs to be updated and the user that processed the transactions
  3. If you are logged in as a Supervisor you will be able to Jump To another user’s batch if not, you would need to log in with the user that                       has the open batch
  4. Once in that batch you will be able to update, delete or put the batch on hold

On Hold Assistant

With the On-Hold Assistant you can put documents on hold or take if off hold. The same process will be followed for both.

  1. Select Process > On Hold Assistant. The assistant will display the customer and supplier documents that have not been updated

  2. Only the documents types with open batches will be available for selection
  3. Select the documents you would like to put on hold and select Next
  4. Depending on your selection it will show the Customer or Suppliers that have documents processed to them. Select the Customer or                        Suppliers whose documents have to be put on hold, select Next

  5. The next screen displays a list of documents that have been processed to the Customer/ Supplier. Select the documents that needs to be put on hold, select Process when your selection has been made
  • You also have an option to display open documents per User
  • You are able to view All, On Hold or Not on Hold documents
  • Select Process to complete the process


If there are any documents that are not placed on hold you will need to update or delete the documents to proceed with the Year End.

Pastel POS Open Batches

  1. All POS documents needs to be updated before you proceed with the Year End


Not using POS

You will need to delete the Documents.mdb file found in your company folder

  1. Press the Windows and E keys found on your keyboard simultaneously
  2. Navigate to your Company folder
  3. Search for the file Documents.mdb as shown below

  4. Right click on this file and delete it

Using POS

  1. Open your POS, you would need to log in with each POS User and update the documents per User.
  2. If the Process screen does not display, select Process > Point of Sale
  3. Select Edit at the bottom of the POS screen. If you get the error message below, you would need to exit POS and log in with a different POS user
  4. Select Process > Point of Sale and then Edit  
  5. Select the drop-down menu by Search Types and select On Hold or COD
  6. A list of documents should display under one or both options
  7. The following screen will open if there are documents that needs to be updated.
  8. In the Search Type column select On Hold or COD, you would need to ensure that a document is highlighted in blue and then click on the Select button
  9. The selected document will open in POS. Select the Place on Hold or Cash on Delivery buttons, one of them will be greyed out, this                  means the document was On Hold or COD, select the relevant option to update the document
  10. If the document was processed incorrectly and should not be updated, you need to delete the lines for it to be updated with zero values
  11. This process needs to be followed to take all the documents off Hold or COD.
  12. Log out of POS and log back in as the POS Supervisor
  13. Select Process > Update All Documents > Select Start > Select Continue. The Supervisor Cash Up also needs to be completed once all                  the documents have been updated

Batches without users

There are instances where a document will show as an Open Batch but no blue tick under any of the users, this indicates a deleted user with open batches.


In Sage Pastel Accounting Version14 build 14.1.4 and higher we have catered for the scenario where users have been deleted, you will receive the message as shown below.

Please follow one of the two options given on the message to resolve this issue:


If you are not using Version14 build 14.1.4 or higher you will not receive this message, you would need to follow the steps below to create the correct user with the open batch:

  1. Press the Windows and E key found on your keyboard simultaneously
  2. Double click on your Company folder
  3. Search for (where xxx represents a number i.e. 000, 004, 032). The number extension at the end of these files specifies the user who created the batch i.e. ACCINV.032 this indicates the batch is for user 32

  4. Open Sage Pastel Accounting. Select Setup > Users and Passwords > Users and create the missing user i.e. User 32
  5. Select View > Open Batches, the blue tick will appear under the user
  6. Select Jump To and delete, update or place the batch on hold

 Deleting batch files from the company folder

  1. Press the Windows and E keys found on your keyboard simultaneously
  2. Double click on the company folder to display the data files
  3. Look for the following files in your company, right click and delete them 

If you are running the Year End and you have tried all the above solutions and you are still getting the “Open Batch” Error, the data would need to come in for datafix.

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