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BIC/Sage Intelligence Reporting: Evolution company hangs on BIC add-in loading when opened

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Learn how to fix having the Sage 200 Evolution company hanging when opening it, specifically on the BIC add-in loading section.


You may experience the BIC add-in section taking around 5 mins for the add-in to successfully load without any errors, causing the Evolution company to be seemingly hanging. 

Normally you would expect the BIC  add-ins section to load within seconds when an Evolution company gets opened. 

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First note that this issue will most likely happen when the EvoBICMetadata folder is centralized and shared with users that requires access to the Sage Intelligence Reporting.


Consider the following steps  to resolve the latency of the loading of the BIC add-in.

1. Close the Evolution company. 

2. Unshare the EvoBICMetadata folder. This is usually located on the Evolution server PC.

3. If you are unsure, open the Evolution company with agent Admin and navigate to Administration | System Configuration | System Wizard | Repository tab, to confirm the path of      the EvoBICMetadata folder. 


4. If needed, close and re-open the Evolution company to ensure the system loads all the other add-ins without hanging and then close the company again.

5. Re-Share the EvoMetadata folder with all the users who requires access. Ensure to give all such users Full Control: Read and Write access 

6. Log back into Sage 200 Evolution. This time the BIC add-in should load as normal and the Evolution company will not seem to hang when opening.