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How do I upload IRP5/IT3a tax certificates to InfoSlips?

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This provide steps to allow you to upload your IRP5 certificates generated on your payroll to InfoSlips, when exporting your files from Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional.


The following assumptions are made:

  • You selected to export your InfoSlips file when you created your Live run file
  • You have successfully completed your IRP5 re-conciliation process
  • You have successfully submitted your IRP5 reconciliation to SARS
  • You have successfully submitted your IRP5 returns to SARS as detailed in the Fourth Schedule, Paragraph 14(5) of the Income Tax Act • Should you require assistance with your IRP5 process, please get assistance from a Support Consultant in our Contact Centre
  • It is also assumed that you will be printing your IRP5s from your Tax Year End directory, which is not your live VIP Premier directory. i.e. you have a directory structure like this: VIP\TAXyyyy (yyyy = eg. 2020)

The InfoSlips IRP5 process is split into 3 phases as detailed below:

  • Phase 1: Create and Locate IRP5 InfoSlips IRP5 files
    • Terminated Employees: To exclude from InfoSlips IRP5 data go globally unlink terminated employees from InfoSlips before running the Live IRP5/IT3a report or else include records for processing.
    • Create an InfoSlips IRP5 folder for the specific tax year that is protected. After running your Live IRP5/IT3a report,  the files will be downloaded in the selected browser folder. Please see file names below (The InfoSlips files are created at the same time as your SARS IRP5 file/s).
    • Move these files to your InfoSlips IRP5 folder until ready for processing.
    • Please make sure you have an InfoSlips IRP5 file for each payroll company using InfoSlips. There should be a separate IRP5 file for Standard InfoSlips (_S) and Consolidated InfoSlips (_C) if you use both channels.
    • Compress (zip) each IRP5 file. This will increase file transfer speed.
    • Once you have submitted your EMP501 tax reconciliation declaration to SARS successfully you may continue to transfer, process and schedule the release/ electronic distribution of your employees Tax Certificates.
    • Please use the following InfoSlips file names to upload on InfoSlips website. INFOS001001_IRP5_S.xx INFOS001001_IRP5_C.yy (yy refers to specific tax year e.g. 20)
    • Please do not use following file name to upload on the InfoSlips website "IRP5.yy" (yy refers to specific tax year e.g. 20)
    • To do this, you will need to copy the files that were created during the Live Run from the TAXyyyy directory to your live VIP Premier directory • You will need to locate all the ESS IRP5 files in the Tax directory.
  • Phase 2: Transfer and Process IRP5 files online
    • Sign into
    • Click on Admin Login • Enter your Username and Password and click on Go
    • You will be routed to Services page.
    • Click on Start & Proceed with Runs
    • Start and Proceed with Runs select the correct Template name e.g. IRP5 Standard and/or IRP5 Consolidated.
    • Select the Processing/Pay Period (Month).
    • Please note your actual processing period (e.g. June) will not change the content of the IRP5 file.
    • The actual period you select is the online archived period.
    • Insert the “Name Suffix” when processing multiple runs (Your Company number to identify each run).
    • Click on Insert to create a Run profile
    • Click in Continue
    • Select Browse
    • Navigate to your InfoSlips IRP5 tax year-end folder.
    • Find respective IRP5 file and attach.
    • Select Upload files
    • Wait for your green tick and file successfully uploaded message
    • Select Process Trial
    • Please be patient as the compiling of the InfoSlips may take time.
    • After the processing of the IRP5 files has been completed you will be notified via email to continue with the next step in workflow (Phase 3) i.e. requesting /checking Trials (Compulsory).
  • Phase 3: Requesting Trials and Releasing Files
    • Sign into
    • Click on Admin Login.
    • Enter your Username and Password and click on Go.
    • You will be routed to Services page.
    • Click on Start & Proceed with Runs.
    • On Incomplete Runs select IRP5 Run by clicking on “Continue” .
    • Step 1: Select Run Type (defaults to Trial),
    • Step 2: Select Number of Trials InfoSlips (defaults to 5) .
    • View your Trials • You can either view your trials online by selecting the Preview link option or request for trial to be sent to email to view from Email.
    • Step 3: Confirm the Trial Run User Email Address.
    • Step 4: Specify the Encryption Type (Always use Sample PUK).
    • Select and Send Trial Run.
    • Trial InfoSlips will be emailed to Run User requesting trials if email trail has been selected.
    • Open and reconcile all information displaying on the InfoSlips.
    • If you have Consolidated InfoSlips files, insert new Run profile/period and process to the Consolidated Template Important Notes.


  • Requesting and checking content of a trial InfoSlips is compulsory as the transferring of the data is not automated. Go back to Step 1 and select Schedule Run and specify the date and time for the e-mail batch to be delivered
  • If content of Trial InfoSlips is incorrect (e.g. incorrect data etc.) please Cancel and Discard run and return to Phase 1
  • Standard and or Consolidated IRP5 files must be processed and released with separate run profiles.