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How do I print the IRP5/IT3a Validation Report?

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Find out how to validate the employee IRP5 information on Sage VIP Classic, Sage VIP Premier and Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


Before you print the report:

  • Ensure that all operators are out of the system.
  • Ensure that you are on the latest payroll system release.

Step 1:

  • Run the IRP5/IT3a report (Main Menu > Reports > Reports and Maintenance > IRP5/IT3’s)

Step 2:

Please make the following selections:

  • Validation Only
  • Current/Multiple Companies – you can select individual companies or multiple companies (must have the same PAYE number)
  • Select if you want to print to PDF or the printer.

Step 3:

  • A screen may come up with the following message. " There is some Outstanding Mandatory Information on some of your Companies. Please consult the Printout of all Outstanding Items".
  • Click Continue

Step 4:

  • The report will now generate.
  • Refer to the report and correct the errors on your payroll
  • Should you need assistance with resolving an error message, you can search the Knowledgebase
  • You can also click here to browse through the most common Validation errors and how to resolve them.

Step 5:

  • Once all errors have been fixed, you can print the Validation Report again to see if there are any further errors.

CAUTION: The Validation Report does not generate any files to import into SARS e@syFile. It is merely a tool to identify outstanding mandatory information or issues that need to be resolved before the IRP5 files can be created. If you do not run the Validation, the same errors will be printed when performing a Test/Live Run. The last page of the Validation Report contains information on to correct validation errors and it is not a list of actual errors.