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How do I check whether our ETI Periods and Sets carried forward correctly from tax year-ending 2021 to the new tax year?

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Sage 200c VIP, Classic, Premier: This article explains how to check whether your payroll's ETI Period and Set count carried forward into the new tax year correctly, after you previously imported ETI adjustments via the ETI Validation tool or similar.


You made ETI adjustments/corrections with the use of the ETI Validation tool, in tax year-ending February 2020. 

You may have had a Sage Business Partner consultant assisit you or complete the ETI correction process entirely.


You established that ETI corrections were required based on incorrect calculations, periods and sets, or any other ETI discrepancy.


Reconciling ETi Period and Sets - August 2021

Follow the steps below to check whether the Periods and Sets are correct in the current tax year:

  • Ensure that the active/live payrolls are on Release 5.6b as at August 2021
  • Install the ETI Validation Tool patch file 
  • Make another copy of the TYE Feb2021 system
  • Perform a Start New Period into March in this new copy system (this is because the Feb Period/Set count only increments by 1 and saves the February Period/Set upon roll over)
  • Complete a ETI History export in the March payroll which was just rolled forward
  • Next complete the ETI History export from the active/live payrolls
  • Compare the month of February on both reports
  • If ETI Periods and Sets are the same, then run the ETI Validation tool to double check that the Period and Sets for the remainder of the year are also correct
  • If you picked up any ETI discrepancies when comparing both March reports, follow the steps as outlined here - How do I use the ETI Validation tool?

NOTE: ETI discrepancies on both March reports indicate that the adjustments on the tax year-end system were not implemented on the active/live payrolls.

If you find that there are ETI discrepancies, we advise you to contact your Sage Business Partner consultant for urgent assistance.

ETI corrections must be completed before the next EMP201 submission to SARS, due 7 September 2021. To book a consultant, click here