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What if I need to roll into September and cannot wait for the update?

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This article will assist you with ensuring that the changes made to ETI is correctly reported on Sage VIP Classic, Sage VIP Premier and Sage200c for August2021 period.


The weekly or bi-weekly payroll company need to roll over into the 1st week/bi -week of September, as employees need to be paid.

The update is not available as yet.

The company does claim ETI.


The following resolutions are available: Click on the available resolution for more detail

1. Increase the number of weeks/ Bi weeks for the company to extend the periods in August: How to change dates for Premier and Classic?

Example: In week 4 of 4 for August 2021 change the weeks to week 4 of 5

  In Bi-weekly company week 2 of 2 for August 2021 change to week 2 of 3 

  NOTE: Very important when extending the weeks or bi-weeks in the month. 

  • Activate forced pay before the date change.
  • Confirm if there are any methods/ deductions that should calculate in the last week of the month or Weeks in month (WIM) setting. These deductions would have calculated in the period when the company was in week 4 of 4 or Bi-week 2 of 2. When extending the weeks in the month the system will apply the setting to calculate in the last week of the month again the deduction/method of calculation and a manual change will be required to ensure the deduction is not calculated again in week 5 of 5 or bi-week 3 of 3.
  • If your companies align with other institutions or bargaining council this resolution will not be advised.


2. Create a copy system for August 2021- ETI additional relief take-on.

Click here for detailed steps to follow


3. Restore the backup for the last week of August: 

If you have rolled over to September to process and pay your employees, print the Period Analysis Report:

  • Restore the backup for the last week of August2021
  • Install the update 5.7a
  • Recalculate ETI values with a General recalculation
  • Print the EMP 201 report for August 2021 period
  • Start a new period to September 2021
  • Reprocess payroll for September 2021 and reconcile the totals for each employee, making use of the Period Analysis Report