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How do I update my renewal code on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional?

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This article will guide you to update a new renewal code on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional.


The Renewal code will determine the number of employees to be added on the payroll, modules licensed and the registration date. When a new code is generated, you will need to update the renewal code.


NOTE: For steps to generate a renewal code on the Sage Customer Portal, click here.

You updated licence code will automatically be updated when you launch you payroll subscription.



We recommend that you review the following:

  • Maximum Amount of Employees (live employees allowed to be added to the system)
    • Available at the bottom of the Company Listing screen
  • Registration Expiry Date (until which calendar month you can start a new pay period)
    • The expiry date will reflect at the top-right of the Company Listing screen
  • License Modules
    • From the Company Listing screen, click on Options, and select Licensed Modules

NOTE: If the renewal details are incorrect, please contact the Sage Renewals team.