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FNB Business Profile: Direct Bank Feed Setup

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In this article we will demonstrate how to setup Direct Bank Feed for FNB Business Profiles and import bank transactions into Sage Accounting.


With FNB Direct Feed your banking transactions are directly imported from your FNB Business Account into Sage Accounting removing the time and effort involved in manually capturing every transaction.

FNB Direct Feeds is only available to FNB Business Account holders

NOTE: FNB Personal Account holders can add a bank feed using Sage Bank Feeds


Replace an existing Sage Accounting bank feed with a FNB Direct Bank Feed

Note: It is essential that you disconnect your existing Sage Accounting Bank Feed before connecting your FNB Bank Feed. If this is not done your banking transactions will import from both sources, resulting in duplicated transaction imports.

Deactivate your existing Bank Feed

You need to deactivate your existing Sage Accounting Bank Feed integration from Sage Accounting before re-connecting with FNB Direct Bank Feeds.

To do this, go to Banking > Transactions > Manage Bank Feeds.


Click on the Deactivate link to deactivate your account.


Click on Yes to deactivate your bank feed.


Verify your last transactions date

If you have been using the Sage Accounting Bank Feeds to import your FNB banking transactions, check the date of the last transactions. This will allow you to set the FNB Direct Bank feeds’ import start date and avoid duplicate transactions importing into Sage Accounting.

To do this, go to Banking > Transactions > Banking.

Check both New Transactions and Reviewed Transactions to determine the last transaction brought into Sage Accounting. Make note of this date for use when selecting a new starting date.

Set up a FNB Direct Bank Feed

To set up your bank feeds, go to Banking > Transactions > Manage Bank Feeds.


On the Add Bank Feeds screen, click on FNB Direct Feed


This will display some of the following details on your FNB connection:


Click on Continue.

The authorise Sage to FNB account screen will appear. You will be prompted to login to your FNB account in order to generate a an authorisation code.


Generate FNB Authorisation Code

Log into your FNB Business Profile, click on Business Solutions on the Welcome Screen.


Click on Bank Feeds


This will display a list of all partners to connect with. Click on Connect next to SAGE


FNB will then allow you specify which Bank Accounts should be made available for integration:


Allow access to each Account you’d like to integrate with Sage Accounting, by checking the Transaction History checkbox. Click on Continue

will provide you with an Authorisation code:


Enter this Authorisation Code on the screen below in Sage Accounting


Click on Submit

Final Steps

You’ll need to select the date from which you’d like Sage Bank Feeds to download your banking transactions. Remember to use the verified last transaction date as a guide.


Click on Finish


Sage Accounting will allow you to link your existing Bank Account name(s) to the new bank feed you’ve created. Alternatively you could enter a new Bank Account Name to be created in Sage Accounting.