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What can I check if mail notifications are not sending

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This article will guide on what to check if mail notifications are not sending on Sage 300 People


If the emails are not sending at all, make sure the People server’s IP address is allowed for relay on the mail server.


In the People Database there is a table called “Notification.Mail”.

Open this Table and scroll to the bottom. All the entries in this table will have an email status: N = New; D = Delivered; E = Error; S = Sending. There will also be a “comment” column – this will display the actual error returned from the mail server

Expand the Database > expand Tables


Scroll down to Notification Mail > right click and select ‘Select Top 1000 Rows’


 Edit the query by adding the following as per my print screen and click on Execute.

order by DateCreated desc

You can export the data to excel or view it in SQL


Kindly refer to the Status of the notifications; where there is an ‘E’ it refers to a failed notification.

In the Comment field it will state what the Error is (i.e. as per my print screen Failure was due to no connection to the remote server)