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Sage account login

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This guide gives information on the Sage account login, common questions and 2-factor authentication.


 NOTE: Are you an employee trying to access your payslips and P60s online? - 

Your Sage account allows you to access the different Sage products and services through a single sign on. (This was formerly known as your Sage ID).

You’ll use your Sage account to access your products and services. No matter how many of our products you use, you'll only ever need to remember one email address and one password to log in. If you start using a new Sage product or service in the future, you can log in seamlessly with your existing Sage account. Changing your Sage account (like changing your password) will update across all your devices.

Please note that some products are not yet using the Sage Account functionality, we are working on bringing them all into single sign on.

Below is a series of guides to help you with frequently asked questions. For any further assistance, please use the support options listed at the bottom of the guide.

 NOTE: If you are an employee user whose employer uses Sage to provide your payslips online, please contact your employer directly for support with your login if our guides below don't answer your query.

2-Factor Authentication 

At Sage, trust is the foundation of good security and our customer relations. We safeguard your security, value your privacy, and uphold the highest standards of data ethics. To continue to keep your business safe from cyberattacks and fraud we have added an extra layer of security. 

Sage will be automatically enabling and mandating 2-factor authentication (2FA) for all users accessing Sage products with their Sage account soon, you're encouraged to set it up now.   

UK & Ireland

For support with your Sage online account, please contact us.

 NOTE: Employee users must contact their employer for them to contact us.

For product-specific queries, please visit Community Hub

US & Canada

For support with your Sage account, please visit

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