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Why is my February 2021 company Skills contribution extremely high after updating to Release 5.6a?

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Sage Classic, Sage Premier, Sage 200c VIP and Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional: Find out what caused your February 2021 Skills amount to increase drastically after loading Release 5.6a


You noticed that the company skills contribution is considerably higher in February 2021 after installing the March software update (Release 5.6a).


Release 5.6a should not be installed in the tax year-end systems, ending February 2021.


Tax year-end systems should remain on either Release 5.5a or 5.5b as these versions are compatible with the tax year-ending February 2021 SARS Business Requirement Specifications.

If you updated to Release 5.6a, please restore the February 2021 full system backup to revert to the previous release.

Alternatively access the Basic Company Information screen and tick the Period SDL calculation field. This is to ensure that the skills payment holiday (4 month period) remains on zero.

From the Main Menu:

  • Company 
  • Basic Company Information screen

Complete a General Recalculation thereafter.

Check whether the Skills amounts revert to the correct values.