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What is the difference between Release 5.6a and Release 5.6a+?

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Sage Premier: This article explains the difference between Premier Release 5.6a and Release 5.6a+


You read a notice on Sage City/Sage Knowledgebase about Release 5.6a+ but your payroll reflects as Release 5.6a. You want to know what the difference is and whether you need to install a new payroll update.


Release 5.6a was made available on 10 March 2021. A subsequent release with a fix for Nigeria payrolls was then released on 11 March 2021. 

The change only applied to Nigeria and no other tax country.


NOTE:  Nigeria payrolls must be on Release 5.6a+ as from March 2021

All other tax countries, including RSA can be on either Release 5.6a or Release 5.6a+

If your Nigeria payroll is on Release 5.6a, make a full system backup then install the new software into the payroll folder.

NOTE: There is no requirement to restore any previous backup files before installing the new software. This applies only to this unique scenario.

How to determine if your companies are on Release 5.6a+  

  • Access the payroll
  • The Company Listing screen will reflect as Premier 5.6a (no plus sign)
  • Select a company, enter the password
  • The initial entry screen will also reflect as Premier 5.6a (no plus sign)
  • Continue to the Main Menu of the company
  • Premier 5.6a+ will appear at the top of the Menu Menu of each company