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How do I delete/cancel Job Costing reimbursive kilometers transactions for the current period?

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This article explains the process on how to delete or cancel Job Costing reimbursive kilometer transactions for the current period on Sage 200c VIP, Sage Classic, Sage Premier and Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


The following warning message appears when you are trying to delete reimbursive kilometer transactions on the RT screen in company that is setup to use Job Costing methods for travel kilometers.


NOTE: In order for your Job Costing reports to balance when you are reconciling your payroll, all Job costing transactions must be reversed correctly via the Job costing batch or on the employees Job costing transaction (JCT) screen.


If you need to delete reimbursive travel kilometers for the current period, there are two ways to reverse the transaction.

NOTE: If you have paid the employees, load the nett salary as a deduction before making adjustments.

How do I cancel a Job Costing transaction?
  • From the Main menu
  • Select Payroll
  • Select Job Costing
  • Select Transaction per Employee
  • Select the Employee code
  • Select the line number to cancel
  • Click on Cancel
  • Select Yes, if this is the correct transaction to cancel
  • Click Close
  • Select Yes, to recalculate all earnings and deductions for all employees

NOTE: The transaction will be removed from the RT screen

How do I load a negative Job Costing batch transaction for the reimbursive km

NOTE: View the employees RT screen to verify each transaction that has been captured using the Job Costing batch. It is recommended that the reimbursive travel transactions are reversed per line item

  • From the Main Menu
  • Select Payroll
  • Select Job Costing
  • Select New Batch
  • Select Continue
  • Load a batch transaction with the negative reimburisve kilometers
  • Update the batch
  • View the RT seen to confirm the reversal