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How do I backdate my medical beneficiaries if I loaded Release 5.6a in the second week of the month or in April?

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This article will provide you with guidance on how to correct the medical aid scheme tax credits, if you loaded Release 5.6a in the second week of the month or in April on Sage 200c VIP, Sage Classic, Sage Premier and Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


You have employees on your payroll that contribute towards a medical aid. You loaded Release 5.6a in the second week of the month, or only in April but the medical scheme tax credits did not recalculate.


If the client updates after March or in the second week of the month , the Medical Scheme Fees Tax Credits will not be backdated. These employees will be allowed to claim any possible benefits on assessment, or can be corrected on the system in one of two ways:  

  • Manually, by entering a value in the ‘Beneficiary Adjustment’ field for the previous month(s) on the Employee MHS Screen, to force a recalculation.

NOTE: The manual beneficiary adjustment must be removed after the recalculation has been forced. This is to ensure the employees medical tax credit is the correct value

  • Globally, by backdating beneficiaries on the ML Screen.  The client will need to edit employees who had a valid change to their Medical Aid Beneficiary value in the current month, because this will now be incorrect for the previous month(s). 

Medical Aid in Non-Monthly Companies.

In a Non-Monthly company a Month-to-date Plus Medical Tax Credit calculation is done.

E.g. you load the update in week 3 of 4.

A MTD+ calculation on the Med Aid Tax Credit will happen. It will be compared with the MTD Tax Credit value and the difference will be taken into account in the current period.