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How do I make a copy system for Tax Year-end?

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This article will show you how to make a copy system for Tax Year-end on Sage VIP Classic and Sage VIP Premier.


The February copy system will be used to prepare, reconcile and submit your EMP501 and employee tax certificates for the Annual Employer Reconciliation Submission to SARS.



NOTE: Ensure that all the operators have closed their payroll systems.

  • From the Company listing screen (before you access any company)
  • Click on the Options 
  • Select Copy System then, Continue
  • Click on OK, once you have read the message which displays
  • Type the location of the copy system directory and then continue

NOTE: Type in the location, of the new directory (Where you want the copy system to create – e.g. C:\Tax2021). It is advisable that you use a unique and descriptive label e.g. If you are copying February’s system then you should call the copy system Feb2023. Do not use special characters and do not leave any spaces in the name of the new folder. 

  • Select Yes to proceed, with the message "The Directory you have selected does not exist. Do you want to create it? "
  • Please do not interrupt the copy process, as it runs through in DOS
  • Once the copy is complete (The DOS Screen will disappear), a message will appear to say that the copy system is complete. Click on OK
  • Choose Yes to create a unique shortcut that will display on the desktop

 CAUTION: If you do not get the option to create a shortcut, it could indicate the destintion drive is full, or one or more files in the folder is still in use, and the copy process did not complete.

  • Type in a name for your Shortcut. Eg: TAX2023
  • Click Continue
  • The new icon will appear on your desktop
  • Please access the new icon and ensure that the payroll system copy directory is identical to your LIVE payroll system.

NOTE: All users who could access the copy source, will now be able to access this new Instance as well. We recommend that you review the Access Control on the payroll system to ensure that the correct users have access to the relevant payroll data.