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Which release must my payroll system be on for Tax year-end 2020/2021?

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Sage Classic, Premier, Sage 200c VIP: Ensure that you are on the correct release when creating your IRP5 file for import into SARS [email protected]


You want to create the IRP5 import file but are unsure of which payroll release the system should be on.


It is imperative that you create the IRP5 file on the correct release. This is to ensure that the file is validated corectly by SARS [email protected].

NOTE: Please check the SARS website for details on the latest [email protected] software release.


For tax year-end 2021, please ensure that the payroll system is on either release 5.5a or 5.5b when creating the IRP5 import file.

Should you need to update your software, please visit the Sage Portal for the software, install notes and release notes.