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How do I process a Year End when using SQL Point of sale in Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting?

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In this article you will learn the steps required to process a Year-End in Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting when using SQL Debtors Manager or SQL Poinnt of sale


A dataset can have up to 13 periods. Once you have reached this limit you will need to process a Year End in order to roll over to the new financial year.

CAUTION: Please ensure you have performed the pre Year End checks before attempting to run the Year End assistant.

  • Every user on Sage Pastel Accounting must be logged out of the company
  • The Year End needs to be completed on the server.
  • If the Year End cannot be completed on the server, copy the data locally onto the workstation, add the company and run the Year End.
  • Copy the company back onto the mapped drive where the server is and add the new company.
  • Remember to remove the company on the workstation and activate it from the server.




  1. Select Change > Year End, the following message will display, select Yes to proceed




2. The Year-End Assistant will display


CAUTION: Ensure you have made a backup before proceeding with the Year End procedure.


3. If the 13th period was setup, the following message below will appear, select Yes to proceed




4. The next screen will give an option to create a new company or run the Year End in the existing company



 Select the option to Create a new company and give that company a company folder name and Do not tick the option to Run the Year End in a new company


NOTE:  The Year End can take a while depending on the size of the data. Please do not close the process while the Year End is running. You will receive a message that the Year End is complete.

 NOTE:  When using SQL Point of sale it is important to take note that when a copy company is created, only the company will be copied and  not the SQL database. When the copy compay is opened in SQL Point of sale a new empty database will be created as the system assumes that you are using these products for the first time. 

           5.  Click on next following the normal Year end process till the Process year end where Pastel will run the Year end accordingly 


Click here to access Sage 50cloud Pastel Year-end Centre for more information about year end.