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How do I use the ETI Validation Utility on Sage VIP?

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This article explains how to use the ETI Validation Utility on Sage VIP Classic and Sage VIP Premier.


The ETI Validation Utility validates the ETI periods, sets, amounts as well as selected setup related issues of the current tax year. The utility will allow you to export the ETI data, perform review and corrections where required, and import the newly corrected information into the payroll.


During the 2020 RSA mid-year reconciliation period, it came to our attention that some customer’s Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) company setups are incorrect resulting in incorrect amounts utilised. A new in-system tool is now available for Sage VIP Classic and Sage VIP Premier customers to validate the ETI setup.


As from when is the utility available?
  • Release 5.5a systems - Click here for the process on how to download and install the ETI Validation tool.
  • Later releases of the software have the utility incorporated, so no separate download is necessary (unless specified).
For assistance on the ETI Validation tool, please select from the following:

NOTE: Once you have completed Step 1 to 3 of the ETI Validation tool, you can run Step 1 of ETI Validation to validate if the mentioned errors have been corrected. Some errors on the report can be valid, thus can be ignored if your ETI setup is correct.

 Need assistance? Have a question regarding ETI? Click here to log your ETI query.

Watch a short video on the process to export the ETI Validation tool