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e@syFile Import error: SDL contribution (4142) is mandatory if SDL reference number (2022) is specified

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Sage Classic, Premier, Sage 200c VIP and Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional: Find out why this error appears upon import of the IRP5 file into SARS e@syFile.


The payroll company is exempt from SDL/Skills contributions but the payroll system still requires a skills line with IRP5 code 4142 to be setup on the Deduction Definitions screen.


On the Sage Payroll application:

Ensure that the Basic Company Information screen is setup correctly:

From the Main Menu:

  • Company
  • Basic Company Information screen

 If the company is exempt from SDL contributions, check that the SDL percentage is zero, and the SETA name is EXEMPT

To check whether a Skills Company Contribution line has been defined on the payroll (even if exempt):

From the Main Menu:

  • Payroll
  • Definitions
  • Deduction Definitions
  • Select the change mode button
  • Create an SDL line with the "type" as Skills
  • Ensure that the IRP5 code reflects as 4142 (in the CC column)
  • Close and complete a General Recalculation

On SARS E@syFile

Access the specific company (According to PAYE reference

  • Click on Employer Admin > View/Edit/Change
  • Click on EDIT
  • Ensure no SDL reference number is defined 

Recreate the test file for import into e@syFile.

When the test file import is successful, you may create the live IRP5 file.