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How do I locate my payroll directory/folder?

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Sage Classic and Premier: Find out where your payroll directory is located. Software updates need to be installed every year. Know where to install these updates by locating the payroll folder.


You want to load an update but you are not sure of where the payroll directory is located.


The payroll directory is where all system and data files are stored. It’s imperative that you understand exactly where to locate the directory, as this will assist in resolving many other queries which arise on and around the payroll software.  


On the desktop of your laptop/pc:

  • Right click on the Classic or Premier icon 
  • Select Properties  
  • Refer to the "Start in" line 

The start in will indicate exactly where the payroll directory is stored

EXAMPLE: If the "Start in" reads C:\VIP, this means that the payroll folder is called "VIP" and it is saved on the C drive of the pc. Please note that the payroll folder name can differ from one company to the next. Always ensure that the folder has no spaces, special characters nor any underscores.

Users are also able to locate the payroll folder by accessing the payroll, then clicking on the Sup Help button at the top of the Company Listing screen. On the Support Help screen, take note of the payroll folder path at the top.