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Reports: How to print the ETI Validation Report?

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This article provide details on the ETI Validation report for Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional.


The ETI Validation report (Real Number 767) will allow you to validate the ETI comments and related exceptions. 


Step 1

Access the Report Menu:

  • From the Main Menu, select Reports, Reports and Maintenance

Step 2

Select to print the ETI Valid report from the Reports menu

  • If the report does not reflect on you Reports Menu 1 - 100, the report (Real Number 767) can be imported from Batch Import Report. Click here for more details.

Step 3

Select the export options to print/save the report:

  • PDF File (created PDF in export location, and option to email report)
  • Printer (DOS print, where you can select the available printer)
  • ASCII file (you will need to define the location to save and the file name and extension. We recommend to save to .TXT or .XLS format only)
  • View to Screen

 Confirm selection to continue.

Step 4

Select the print range (up to 4 selections):


The report allows the following export selections


Click on Continue

Step 5

NOTE: The information on this report will indicate ETI information which appears on the Employee Information Screen, Employment Tax Incentive tab as well as ETI History screen per employee.

The report will generate and will include the following columns:

  • Department
  • Paypoint
  • Employee Code 
  • Employee Name (Surname and initials)
  • ETI Date Engaged
  • Termination Date
  • Days worked (to be completed for New and Terminated employees)
  • Irregular Hours
  • Wage Hours
  • Remunerated Hours
  • ETI Comment