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[email protected] error: "Employer Trade Classification (2035), this field must not be completed from 2021 Transaction year (code 2031)"

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This article will provide guidance to resolve the error message when importing your IRP5 payroll file generated on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional into SARS [email protected]


Your IRP5 file was generated from a payroll subscription which is on an older release,  not compatible with the correct version of SARS [email protected]

According to the SARS Business Requirement Specification: As from the 2021 year or assessment, the trade classification on code 2035 should not be completed or appear on the import file. It is mandatory for prior years of assessment.


Your IRP5 file must be generated on the latest compatible release, which is compatible with the current version of [email protected].

Refer to the Sage City Year-end or Mid-year pages to verify the correct versions to submit to SARS.