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Interim/Mid-year Reconciliation: On which version should my software be for submission?

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This article will provides detail on the correct version applicable for the RSA Interim Reconciliation to SARS on Sage Classic, Sage Premier and Sage 200c VIP


Your payroll application must be updated to Release 5.7a (available 1 September 2021) to submit your reconciliation for the period March to August 2021.

This is required to ensure your payroll tax certificate export file is compatible with the latest version of SARS [email protected]


You can download software from the Sage Portal

NOTE: The software update should only be installed when all your companies are in a new pay period, before you paid employees or printed final reports for the pay period.

The update will include the updated IRP5 codes and validations in line with the SARS Business Requirement Specification for the applicable tax year.


Information about previous year:

  • March to August 2020 - Release 5.5a (release September 2020)
  • March to August 2019 - Release 5.3a (release September 2019)
  • March to August 2018 - Release 5.1a (release September 2018)
  • March to August 2017 - Release 4.9a (release September 2017)
  • March to August 2016 - Release 4.7a (release September 2016)