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How do I import the Test Run IRP5 file into SARS e@syFile?

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This article is a guide on how to import the Test Run file into SARS e@syFile


CAUTION: Please ensure that the SARS e@syFile software is on the latest version

Step 1

Make sure your payroll file is saved on a local drive (usually C drive) and you know what the file is called. The file extension can be anything and doesn’t necessarily have to be a .csv file. The default extension would refer to the applicable tax year, for example, .20 refers to the 2020 tax year

  • Access SARS e@syFile, and access the applicable PAYE database from the menu selection (if this is a new database, there will be no companies, and will be created when Live Run is imported)
  • Click on Import/Export Payroll File option in the left menu pane
  • Select Import Payroll File
  • The following warning message will appear: "Only files saved on local disk can be imported". Click on OK
  • Browse and select the applicable payroll CSV file, generated during the Test Run
  • Click on Open
  • Click on OK to import the file
  • One of the following messages will be displayed: " Payroll File passed Validation, but marked as TEST data"
  • You can continue to generate the Live Run and import the file onto SARS e@syFile.
  •  Payroll File passed Validation with Warnings, but was marked as TEST data
  • Some of the mandatory information needed by SARS is not completed; you can view these warnings on Utilities > Import Payroll File Log. The warnings will not fail the import, however, can lead to possible administrative penalties from SARS.
  • Payroll File failed validation

There were errors found in the payroll file and you will have to view these errors in the Import Payroll File Log. Click on OK.

To access the Import Payroll File log, click on Utilities in the left menu pane, and then click on Import Payroll File Log. To open a specific error report, simply double-click on the entry listed in the log.

Test Run files can be imported to test data, without importing actual payroll data on SARS e@syFile

CAUTION: You can still upload the file if there are items listed under warnings but you must pay attention to any warnings as they relate to mandatory information required by SARS. If all mandatory fields are not completed, it may result in administrative or other penalties being imposed by SARS