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How do I validate additional information on the payroll?

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This article is guide on how to validate additional information on Sage Buisness Cloud Payroll Professional


It is very important to validate all information on payroll, prior to completing the EMP501 Employer Reconciliation submission to SARS. This is especially important to prevent any unnecessary resubmissions at a later stage.


Access the RSA Submissions feature under the Utilities menu of a payroll company.

Step 3 extract all Additional Information on payroll, such as:

  • Tax Status 
  • UIF Status
  • Legally Retired employees
  • Employees flagged for Foreign Income
  • Employees Flagged for Manual Tax Certificates
  • Terminations during the Tax Year
  • Employees with Tax on Company Contributions screens
  • Company Car Perk values
  • Employees with Bursaries

The report will generate in Excel. It is the responsibility of the payroll administrator to validate the details for each employee.

CAUTION:This information should be verified in all companies if multiple companies are included in your submission.