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How do I validate the Company Information for EMP501 submission?

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This article gives guidelines on how to review and validate your payroll company information for EMP501 submission to SARS on the Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional.


Your company details form part of the certificate submission file to SARS and must contain the correct information for you as a South Africa employer.


Begin your tax year-end reconciliation process by validating the details on your Basic Company Information Screen.

 TIP: The RSA Submission utility gives a structured approach to the submission process, by guiding you step by step to prepare and reconcile your payroll. 


Access the RSA Submissions feature under the Utilities menu of a payroll company.

Step 1 will allow you to validate the company details for each payroll company.

The following details must be validated:

  • Company’s Registered/Trading Name (Basic Company Information tab)
  • Trade Classification code (Basic Company Information tab)
  • PAYE Reference Number (must start with a 7, Basic Company Information tab)
  • UIF Reference and SDL Reference Numbers (Basic Company Information tab)
  • Physical Address of the Company (Address Details tab)
  • IRP5 Contact Person and information (Contact Information tab )
  • SIC Code (on the Employment Tax Incentive tab)

The Period Info (BB) button at the bottom of the Basic Company Information Screen will display the company’s date information.

As this is the final period in the tax year, confirm that the following is correct:

  • The current Calendar Month must be 2 (February)
  • The Processing Period date must be the same as Tax Year End date
  • The Current Processing Period must be the same as Pay Periods in Tax Year (e.g.12/12, 52/52, or 26/26)
  • Tax Year End box must be ticked
  • For wage companies, the Current Week Number and Number of Weeks in Months must be the same (4/4 or 5/5)

CAUTION: This information should be verified in all companies if multiple companies are included in your submission. Should there be any concerns on the information, please send a print screen of the Basic Company Information screen and the BB screen dates via a webform to the Support Team.