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How do I make History Screen Changes?

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This article is a guide on how to make History Screen changes on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


Purpose of the History Screen

The main purpose of this screen is for the printing of IRP5’s as all data stored here is exported to the IRP5 files during the live run. The figures on the History Screen are also the figures used when generating the EMP501 Reconciliation Report.

What values display on this screen

Values for the previous 11 months plus the current month with display. Only values for the current tax year can be changed and will be included in the YTD values on this screen.


Changing values on the History Screen

Any changes made on this screen will result in the YTD figures to be changed. This means if you change figures for an employee their YTD values will recalculate in the current period. The employee will be placed on forced average tax and PAYE will recalculate. SDL can also recalculate depending on the changes being made. If you make changes, please ensure that employees have not been paid for the current period or that reports have been printed. If you have paid your employees, it might require manual adjustments.

Which values can be changed on the History Screen?

Most values can be changed but there are some that cannot be changed due to the complexity in calculations for PAYE purposes:

  • Reimbursive Travel
  • Medical Aid
  • Company Car
  • Lease Car
  • Any Retirement Fund line perks (Pension, Provident Fund and RA, excluding Private RA)


Should you wish to change a line and you click on it and get a message that changes are not allowed, it means you are required to make YTD corrections.

CAUTION: Before making any changes to the History Screen, make a backup and ensure no other system users are logged in.

Interim Reconciliation

  • If you need to make changes on a line that cannot be changed on the History Screen and requires YTD corrections, the corrections will have to be done before rolling into the month of September as the Interim Reconciliation is from March to August.
  • If you have already rolled over into the month of September due to processing required for non-monthly companies, you will have to restore a backup into a copy system prior to rolling over, make the YTD corrections as required and run the Interim Reconciliation from the copy system. This will require the changes to be redone in the live directory as well.

Important things to take note of:

Any changes made on this screen will result in the YTD figures to be changed:

  • When adjusting figures on the HS Screen, please take note that the following values will not be changed:
    • BCEA Values (Values are stored in the WEK file)
    • 12 Months Report (Values are stored in the YTD file)
    • Period Analysis Report (Values are stored in the WEK file)
    • Previous period values
    • MTD button in Premier (the MTD total will display the same as the value on the HS Screen, but the individual weeks are read from the WEK file and will therefore reflect incorrect)
    • Equity Remuneration (Values is stored in the EEH file)
    • History Payslips (Values are stored in the HPS file)
  • When History screen changes have been made you can no longer use the 12month report under Reports and Maintenance. The 12month report will not reflect the changes. You must import the History Report (Real number 698). This report is very similar to the 12 months report, but reflects values currently on the HS Screen and any changes made to the HS Screen will reflect on this report