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Reports - All Reports - OID Report

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This guide will assist you to print the OID Report within the Sage 300 People system


The options to print the OID Report includes printing as a Detail Report which will include detail per employee, as an Employee List Totals Report or as a Summary Report.


On Navigation Pane:

Expand:                Reports

Double-click:      All Reports

Expand:                Payroll

Double-click:     OID report

Broken Service Periods

Where the employee has multiple tax records with broken service periods the employee’s service periods will be displayed separately. The OID limit will be applied to all the service records separately. This means that limit will not be pro-rated for each service record, i.e. a new limit for each service record will be applied
























Where an employee was transfeered to another company rule with the same PAYE number and there were no broken service periods, the employee will print with one service period record.


A new tax record must be created for an employee where the employee was promoted to a director. On the OID report the employee will print as a normal employee and a director. 

The OID limit will be applied on the entire employee record.




























The backdated adjustment functionality on the payslip must be used when values for previous periods must be captured. Adjustments for previous periods must be displayed in the correct pay period for OID purposes.

Report Selections

Company and Company Rule

Select the company and company rule(s) for which the report must be printed

Tax Year

Select the applicable tax year for which the report must be printed

Detail Report

The Detail report prints the detail of the employee’s OID information per period. The totals of the selected company rule(s) will be printed at the end of the report. A new section has been added at the end of the report requested by our customers who previously used the VIP Premier system. This section displays the number of employees above and under the




























Last page of the report














Employee List Report

Employee List Report

A new report has been added as requested by our clients who previously used the VIP Premier system to provide a report similar to the report in the VIP Premier system.


























Service Period

Displays the employee’s tax start date and end date of the employee’s tax record. 

Actual YTD OID Earning

Displays the sum of the earnings flagged for OID for the applicable service period.

Annualised OID Earning

This column displays the annualized earning = Actual OID Earnings x 12 ÷ Periods in Service.

Adjusted OID Earning

This column displays the adjusted OID Earning for the employee.

Annualized OID Earning x OID Periods in Service (with the Annual limit applied) ÷ Periods in the Year.

Periods in Service

Calculate the number of months that the employee exists within the Service Period from and to dates.


The report prints the totals that must be submitted as well as the summary section that printed on the OID report in the VIP Premier system.