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How do I export the ACB export file for bank payments?

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Sage VIP Premier and Sage VIP Classic: Find the steps on how to export the ACB file for import into the banking software. Please note that the article only explains how to create the ACB file and not how to import it to the bank. For steps on how to import the ACB file into the bank software, please contact the bank directly.


The guidelines provided here are the basic steps to on how create an ACB file which can be imported into your banking software to pay employees.


Once all the data for the processing period has been entered and reconciled, you may complete the data export for Electronic Payments to your employees (also known as an ACB export).

Ensure that the ACB Control screen has been defined before proceeding with the export.

All employee's bank details will also need to be updated on their Employee Information (IS) screens.

NOTE: Remember to enter the employee's bank details on the Employee Payment Details Tab before selecting to make use of the Electronic Bank Transfers (ACB's)

How do I setup the ACB Control screen setup?

From the Main Menu:

  • Interfaces 
  • Export Control 
  • ACB
  • Select the Bank used for ACB processing

Depending on the option you have chosen, you will be prompted to enter further information that is required by your bank, for example, Bank Branch Code, Account Number, User ID, etc.

This is a once-off setup (unless details change during the year)

NOTE: The information on this screen may differ depending on the bank you are using.

How do I create the ACB Export file

From the Main Menu:

  • Interfaces
  • Export Data
  • ACB Payroll Data
  • Complete the fields on the ACB Export Screen 
  • As soon as the ACB data for a company has been written to the export file, the totals will be displayed on the screen 
  • It is possible to create an export file for multiple companies

NOTE: Multiple company exports may be created for Nett Salary Payments as well as for third-party payments. The companies included in the export must use the same bank layout as defined on the ACB Control Screen.

Third-party payments can be exported in the same manner, with the difference being that instead of choosing "Nett Pay Amount ", "Selected Amount" must be chosen followed by the third-party deduction line.