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How do I upload IRP5 certificates to Premier ESS?

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Sage200c VIP, Sage Premier, Sage Classic: This article provides steps to allow you to upload your IRP5 certificates generated on your payroll to Premier ESS


This article is intended for clients using the Employee Self Service application that need to upload their completed IRP5s for current Tax Year End to the ESS Website.



The following assumptions are made:

• You have successfully completed your IRP5 re-conciliation process
• You have successfully submitted your IRP5 reconciliation to SARS

• You have successfully submitted your IRP5 returns to SARS as detailed in the Fourth Schedule, Paragraph 14(5) of the Income Tax Act

• It is also assumed that you will be printing your IRP5s from your Tax Year End directory, which is not your live VIP Premier directory. i.e. you have a directory structure similar to this:
– Live VIP Directory - D:\VIP\Premier
– Tax Directory - D:\VIP\TAXyyyy (yyyy = eg.2020)


Printing IRP5 from Premier Payroll

In order to generate the IRP5 file to be imported into ESS, you will complete your IRP5 Live Run as normal.

• The IRP5 files for ESS will not be generated from any other Type of Run. It will ONLY be generated by the Live Run
• You will then get the File Information screen
• Make a note of the File Destination directory, typically your TAXyyyy directory
• This is where the ESS IRP5 files will be saved, along with the standard IRP5 files required for your [email protected] submission
• Also ensure that the Employee Self Service tick box is ticked.

• Once the required selections have been made, please select Continue
• The remainder of the IRP5 screens will be displayed as normal. Once the IRP5 printing process has completed, the ESS IRP5 files will be saved into the location specified above

• Once your IRP5 live run has been successfully reconciled and submitted to SARS, you can import the IRP5s into ESS
• To do this, you will need to copy the files that were created during the Live Run from the TAXyyyy directory to your live VIP Premier directory
• You will need to locate all of the ESS IRP5 files in the Tax directory

• The filenames will be as follows:

– and VPDTXxxx.vix

• Where xxx is the company number. E.g. if your VIP Company number is 001, then the filenames would be:

– and VPDTX001.vix

• Select and Copy all the relevant files from your Tax directory to paste them into your live VIP Directory. e.g. V:\Premier

Printing IRP5 Certificates with a Watermark

If you want a Watermark to print on the IRP5 Certificate, you must tick this option on the IRP5 Print-time Selection Screen.

If you have selected Print to File (PDF), then the new field, Print IRP5 with Watermark – only to PDF, will be enabled and you must tick this option.

The Watermark File Name must be defined and located on the Company Miscellaneous Screen Tab 3 to print on the ESS IRP5 Certificates.

The Watermark that may be set up on Reports>User PDF Setup Screen, is for all Reports, excluding the IRP5 Certificates.


Importing the IRP5s into ESS

Once the IRP5 files have been copied into your Live VIP Directory, the ESS Application will import the files automatically.

ESS checks for these files every 20 minutes (default setting), unless this has been changed or disabled

The IRP5 import process can also be manually initiated by an ESS Administrator as follows:

• Login to ESS, go to the Manage Menu items, then select the Import Payslips and IRP5s link
• Then click on the IRP5s tab. You will now get a list of IRP5 files available for import
• Select the files that need to be imported and click on the "Import Selected IRP5s" button


Confirm that IRP5s have been successfully imported

To confirm that the IRP5s have been successfully imported, please do the following:

• Login to ESS, go to Views Menu, and then select the Payslip Service Audit Trail Entries link.
• You will see entries like the following: - Checking for existing IRP5 files
- Initiating processing on file "C:\SoftlineVIP\Payroll\Premier\VPDTX001.PAY"...
- Processing file "VPDTX001.PAY"
- Finished processing file "VPDTX0001.PAY"
- Finished preformatting file "VPDTX001.PAY"
- Renaming file "VPDTX001.PAY"
- Processed Files\VPDTX001.PAY.20180410_160353.Processed"...

 This will indicate that the IRP5 files for Company 001 have been successfully imported into ESS. The IRP5s will now be available to these employees.