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What is the latest software release for Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional?

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Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional: This article provides details of the latest version of the application.


 Current release versions

 Payroll version Release date
 Release 5.9a September 2022

NOTE: Payroll software updates are available on the Sage Portal

Previous release versions

 Payroll version Release date
 Release 5.8b April 2022
 Release 5.8a March 2022
 Release 5.7b January 2022
 Release 5.7a September 2021
 Release 5.6b April 2021
 Release 5.6a March 2021
 Release 5.5b January 2021
 Release 5.5a September 2020 
 Release 5.4c May 2020
 Release 5.4b April 2020
 Release 5.4a March 2020
 Release 5.3b November 2019
 Release 5.3a September 2019
 Release 5.2c June 2019
 Release 5.2b April 2019
 Release 5.2a March 2019