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August Backup

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The final August backup is the most important backup of the Bi-Annual period . Due to the importance of the backup it is of the utmost importance to make sure you know where you are making your backup to.


Unless you have removed the Automatic Backup function (which we strongly discourage any client from doing) the Payroll system will force you to make a backup before rolling into your September Period for Bi-Annuals.

In your August period:

  1. Click on Process, Pay Period update
  2. Click on Next
    1. A message will pop up advising you that not all Cheques and Bank Transfers have been processed, please press ok on this message
    2. The next message will advise you that a backup must be done before rolling over. Click ok on this message and the system will bring up the Backup assistant.
  3. This is the most important step, this is where you select where to make a backup to. The system should automatically default to your regular preferred backup destination.
    1. Click on New Folder
    2. Name the folder “August Backup 2021
    3. Click on Create
    4. Click on Process
  4. Follow the prompts and then continue with your pay period update as per usual.

NOTE: This will make it a lot easier to find you’re backup if you need to restore it in future as you can always search in your windows directory for a folder called August Backup.